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  1. Rocio Garcia Skinner says:

    Tin can telephone :)

  2. Two tin cans and a string====my “telephone” to my neighbor’s when I was a kid!!

  3. Wynne Grob says:

    A telephone :)

  4. brittany m doerfler says:

    Tin can telephone

  5. Tracy Martin says:

    tin can telephone

  6. Our phone as kids!!

  7. Casandra Dore says:

    Tin can phone :)

  8. christina kunze says:

    A tin can telephone..(made from string and 2 cans from can goods :)

  9. Alissa B says:

    A kind of phone I use to use when I was little!

  10. Can telephone

  11. a can “phone”

  12. megan cromes says:

    tin can telephone

  13. gina pittman says:

    tin can phone….we used to make them all the time!

  14. tin can telephone

  15. Carol W says:

    Two cans on a strong or as some would call tin can phone.

  16. Carolyn says:

    telephone! lol…cans and string!

  17. Tin Can telephone

  18. Doreen Spitzer-Lemire says:

    Tin cans tied together with string to make a telephone

  19. LOL, a tin can telephone. Haven’t seen one in years. Nor a rotary phone, either.

  20. Tamie T says:

    Thank you for this offer. I would love to win. I am new to these blogs but I am putting in alot of effort to try to win a prize. Good luck to everyone.

  21. Debbie sideratos petrides says:

    Can phone

  22. Jennfer lauman says:

    Hello…hello…can u hear me? Its a can phone

  23. Tamie T says:

    And the tin cans are a primative comunication device. Or phone system.

  24. Way of communicating as a kid haD

  25. Phone with no bill!

  26. ashley alger says:

    tin can(s) telephone :)

  27. Tin can phone, Loved these when I was a kiddo. Saw some kids using one the other day, made me smile

  28. Debra Stanley says:

    Tin can phone…We played with these when we were little girls

  29. Dawn Loughner says:

    A tin can telephone

  30. Kristina K says:

    Tin Can telephone

  31. Tin can phone

  32. Donna Roucoulet says:

    It’s a tin can telephone of course. Used to make those with my sister when we were kids. :)

  33. Tin phone cans!!

  34. Its a Homemade Telephone :)

  35. Tin can phone

    I wonder if this is where cell phone idea came from?

  36. Oh, Yeah! Tin can telephone!

  37. Heather Stokes says:

    Tin can telephone. :)

  38. Shannon Wilckens says:

    Tin can Telephone:) Soo much fun!!!!

  39. Shannon Pickin says:

    A tin can phone :)

  40. skizzatt says:

    Communication for kids! The old fashioned kind.

  41. Erica Brown says:

    Two tins can tied together to be tin can phones for kids!

  42. Margie Franklin says:

    Tin can telephone

  43. Debora Benacchio says:

    tin can phone

  44. The tin can communication for kids.

  45. tin can telephone

  46. Tin can telephone

  47. Colleen B. says:

    I could use some coupons thanks

  48. i use to play with these

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