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Remington introduces iCoffee, the first new coffee brewing technology
in over 50 years.
to inventor Bruce Burrows, iCoffee took seven years and over 1,257
prototypes to perfect. iCoffee’s patented SteamBrew™ technology makes it
the first coffee brewer ever
to utilize steam jets inside the coffee brew basket. The SteamBrew™
jets first pre-steam the coffee and then stir the coffee throughout the
brewing process so each of the coffee grounds is completely suspended
and surrounded by hot water at the perfect brewing
temperature. Next, a rich coffee crema forms, indicating the
elimination of bitter and acidic aftertastes.

we’ve done is redefine coffee making,” said Burrows. “The ‘i’ in iCoffee
stands for innovation, which is what we strive for in all our products.
With iCoffee, we’ve found a way
to use all the goodness of steam to release the locked-in flavors of
your favorite coffee grounds, just like steaming rice and vegetables.
This eliminates any bitterness and the result is impossibly smooth
tasting coffee. There’s never been a machine in coffee
brewing history that uses this technology. The difference in taste is

also features an exclusive brew viewing window, which allows coffee
lovers to watch the SteamBrew™ process in action, including the
formation of rich coffee crema.

to Burrows, because SteamBrew™ technology enables maximum flavor
extraction, users should experiment to determine the optimal ratio of
water to coffee they prefer. “For
the first pot, we suggest using the amount of coffee you normally add
per cup when brewing. After the first pot, you can adjust the amount of
coffee used by adding more or using less coffee in the SteamBrew™ basket
to achieve the strength and flavor you prefer.
Many people find they need less coffee than they did when using other
coffee brewers.”

also notes that with iCoffee, finely extracted coffee essence, or
sediment, may be visible after brewing. “This is normal and a result of
our patented SteamBrew™ extraction
technology,” he says. “Presently, coffee drinkers have a choice of
using a reusable goldtone filter or disposable paper filters. Goldtone
allows more coffee essence, paper allows less. It’s a matter of personal
preference. If you prefer less finely extracted
coffee essence, we have included an optional filter that provides a
paper filter experience.”

is available in more than 800 retail locations in the U.S., including
major national chain stores, local independent retailers, Home Shopping
Network and online via www.icoffee.com.

About iCoffee and Remington:

iCoffee is the first coffee brewer to use new technology in over 50 years and
is a product of Remington. iCoffee took seven years and over 1,257
prototypes to perfect. iCoffee’s
patented SteamBrew™ technology makes it the first coffee brewer ever to
utilize steam jets inside the coffee brew basket. To learn more about
iCoffee, visit the website at www.icoffee.com.

Remington name has been associated with coffee brewing since 1843, when
John R. Remington first filed a patent for his “cowboy” coffee
percolator. Over the years, Remington branded
percolators and drip brewers have been marketed. In
2005, Remington
Designs was formed to develop patented technologies and appliances for
the kitchen and home.

My Thoughts
A good brewing system can really make all the difference when you’re looking for the perfect cup of coffee. The iCoffee  uses steam to help you achieve that perfection. The steam works to crack open your favorite coffee grinds to release the actual essence of the coffee. You can actually watch the process of the machine steaming and stirring your coffee through the brewing window and it’s a pretty fascinating process. When it’s finished your coffee will be the smoothest brew you can imagine no matter what brand of bean you prefer. Each pot makes up to twelve perfect cups every time.

The iCoffee has lots of great features in addition to the steam brewing. It has a built in timer so your coffee can be ready and waiting in the morning. You don’t have to worry about forgetting to turn if off before you leave for work because it has an automatic shut off.  The pot offers a dripless spout so there are no leaks. If you want to start pouring before it’s finished brewing (an annoying habit by husband has), the machine will pause instead of dripping all over the counter. It also comes with a premium gold tone filter. This is a great feature because it saves  you money on paper filters and also reduces unnecessary waste.

Sometimes you might notice a fine sentiment when using the gold tone filter. You can use a paper filter if you prefer less sentiment, but it will also decrease the coffee essence so it’s not quite as flavorful. After you play around with it a few times, each person will be able to suit it to their personal taste.

The down sides to the iCoffee are minimal but worth a mention. It does take a little longer to brew than the standard drip pot and it is a little messier to clean up. This doesn’t deter me,  but for those who prefer convenience over quality it is something to consider. Personally, I feel that the iCoffee is worth a little bit of extra effort because the end result is as close to perfection as you can get.

The Giveaway
One lucky winner is going to receive a iCoffee by Remington! To
enter just fill out the rafflecopter form below. Open to
the US only. Giveaway will end 2/13/14. The
winner will be notified via email and will have 48 hours to reply.
Thanks again to Remington for offering this fantastic prize.

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  1. says

    I learned that the icoffee has an automatic shut off with a Two hour Keep warm setting. Love this feature! An the fact that the icoffee comes highly recommended. It’s making quite a buzz in the Social Media!

  2. Martha Boismier says

    I had no idea that moving the grounds would make the coffee better,let alone it needs no filter.Reall good to know

  3. Laura Brewer says

    Well to put this in my own words, I learned that you dont have to use the normal amount required to make your coffee and that it will still taste the same because of how it is steamed with the jet water. These are my words, hope you can understand them. The water keeps the coffee grounds from just sitting there, they move around. Anyway, if you dont have to use as much grounds, you are actually saving money because the coffee will last you longer!!

  4. Samantha Rodney says

    I learned that there’s steam that help give the coffee the true essence for a great cup of coffee and you can also watch it take place. Also it comes with it’s own filter saves u on money this way and it stops when u want to pore a cup be for it’s ready so these no leaks

  5. Tiffany Greene Elliott says

    I learned that it has six rotational hot water jets, has a gold-tone filtration and built by Remington! Thank you!!

  6. Amanda Sandquist says

    I really want to try this coffee maker . I am crazy about my coffee and the steam brew technology sounds amazing! And I would really liketo watch how it works through the little window at the top!

  7. Tiffany Turnbull Eagle says

    I am very interested about learning how the steam brew makes coffee even better; ) that would be amazing.

  8. says

    Very Nice… I love it…I learned it is Steam brewed, coffee grounds are kept moving around instead of compacting, no filter needed, auto shut off, and easy cleaning. Makes a great cup of coffee.

  9. candi doucet says

    learned less bitterness..maximum flavor with the steam technology…also love the window, which allows you to see the coffee being made….

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