Neater Feeder Review

Neater Feeder Review

*I received a Neater Feeder  to facilitate my review. All thoughts are 100% honest and my own*


Neater Feeder is the world’s first mess proof pet dish for dogs, cats, puppies and kittens that actually separates and contains spilled food and spilled water! Our patented line of Neater Feeder Pet Dishes will keep your floors and walls protected from spilled water and food. Spilled food is contained in the top level of the Neater Feeder, while spilled water is filtered to the lower level. Mess Proof Neater Feeders offer effective protection from both sloppy pets and human errors such as bumping the pet water bowl or spilling water as you place it on the floor. The Neater Feeder also features a raised design for more comfortable pet feeding. Our Neater Feeder Raised Dog Bowls are available in 3 sizes for puppies and dogs. We also have a Neater Feeder Mess Proof Cat Bowl made especially for cats and kittens!

 The Neater Feeder has been seen on many popular television networks including NBC, ABC, and QVC.


I am a big Pet lover.  I have 3 small dogs and a large lab mix Simba.  I always have the food dish on the floor on a small rug.   When I came across the Neat Feeder I knew this was Perfect for my big dog Simba.  Simba is the biggest mess maker when it comes to feeding time. Water and food all over the floor and the rug under the food dish is always soaking wet. What a Mess!   The Neater Feeder was a perfect feeding dish for him.  He seems very happy that the dish is up to his level and best of all,  No food or water on the floor. I think he likes not sharing with the smaller dogs.  The Neater Feeder is very durable made of a hard plastic. I am sure I will have plenty of years using my new Neater Feeder.  I plan to get another Neater Feeder for my small dogs.

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Details:Large Neater Feeder

Created for taller dogs weighing 30-100 lbs.
with a 20″+ shoulder height

Includes one 7 cup standard stainless steel food bowl,
one 9 cup extra capacity stainless steel water bowl,
a set of leg extensions,
and a set of non-skid rubber pads

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