Free Tide Pods

Free Tide Pods

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  1. KatieRose50 says

    I tried to get the free sample of Tide Pods, but I do not have a cell phone. It will not take my form without one. Do they think everyone in the world has a cell phone? I’m lucky to pay my HOME phone bill much less a cell phone bill. This is not fair to a lot of people that do not own cell phones.

  2. Rosalee says

    I filled out the form, did the survey. Then it said I had to complete one of their offers. This is not a free offer.

    • KatieRose50 says

      Rosalee, you are correct. I think the Nurses need to check their posts out a little more thoroughly before they post them as FREE.. Free also would not mean you had to own a cell phone to get an offer.. everyone does not HAVE a cell phone and why would you have to buy something to get a FREE offer. Makes no sense. It’s just simply NOT FREE.

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