About Me

I am a Nurse, Mom, and Wife who loves life.

I love to laugh and have a great time.

me and rick

My name is Carla. I have been married to my husband, Rick, for 24 years. I married my best friend. Who could ask for more? I love to make homemade food. I don’t do any boxed or canned food. I will be sharing lots of my great recipes.

I have been a nurse for the last 20 years. I have worked in hospitals, doctors’ offices, and clinics. I have really enjoyed my years as a nurse and would not trade them for anything. I have been fortunate to work with some of the most amazing doctors and nurses. I have a lot great stories to share with all of you and I hope you share all yours with me.

I am so proud of my two great kids. My son, Ricky, is 24 and in college studying theology. He also runs a website http://www.thereforegodexists.com. My daughter, Nicole, is 20 and also in college. She is an English and Business major. She also works two jobs in a retail clothing store. Nicole has also done a few reviews for me on my website.

nicole and me collagericky collage

I am a huge animal lover. I have 4 dogs I adore.

Simba, Zina , Taz, and Daisy

the puppies

Thanks for reading about me.
me peace


I have a brand new Contributor to my blog! My sister Jen she is like the craftiest person I ever met. She will be doing DYI Projects and Craft Reviews for you to read. She is one amazing person. She is my little sister 6 years younger than me but I actually look up to her. She has made a great life for herself and I could not be more proud of her.She is married to a great man Brad and  has two dogs Alex and Wally no children.  She loves to do scrapbooking and gardening.  I hope you enjoy her additions to the blog. Her Screen name is  PPRPLUSPICS.  She loves Sunflowers Perfect for her always sunny and warm :)


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