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Pilot Pen Review

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Pilot Pen Review

pilot Our spirit of innovation has always focused on serving consumer’s writing needs and making writing a pleasure.



 My whole family loves the show Seinfeld. I love the episode about the Pilot Pen.  “The ONLY thing I said was I like the Pen”—Jerry Seinfeld Well how could he not like the pen?  When I was given the chance to review pilot pens I was so excited.



Pilot Pens comes in many varities; fountain pen, ballpoint, rolling point, retractable tip, erasable ink pen, gel ink, calligraphy pen, highlighter, and permanent or whiteboard marker. You can even order personalized Pilot Pens. The really cool thing is at  Pilot Pens they are manufacturing and packaging products using recycled plastics and cardboard. If you are working on calligraphy or just doodling Pilot Pens is the leader in pens. What a great gift a new set of calligraphy pens would be!


MR Animal Collection: Add a touch of the exotic to everything you write. Impeccable
craftsmanship with a brass barrel and stainless steel nib express your words elegantly,
while a variety of modern colors and animal accent prints reflect your unique personal
style wherever you roam this holiday season.


Varsity Fountain Pen: This ideal everyday fountain pen is the perfect “starter” fountain
pen because it has a real fountain pen nib that delivers an effortless, expressive fountain
pen writing experience with a precision laser-cut stainless steel nib. It also comes
pre-filled in seven vibrant colors, so no need to commit to ink refill cartridges.

Precise V5 & Precise V7: There is a fine line between good and great, and that line has
been drawn by the Precise V5 and V7 – America’s #1 selling rolling ball pen. The precision
point and modern design deliver an incredibly smooth and skip-free writing experience
in rich, vibrant ink colors. Enjoy a superior writing experience. Available in classic capped
and retractable designs in 0.5mm and 0.7mm point sizes.


FriXion Clicker Erasable Gel Ink Pen: The incredible, smooth-writing FriXion takes the
fear out of misspelling words on holiday cards because it fixes mistakes quickly and easily,
without messy eraser crumbs or torn paper. Enjoy smooth writing and unlimited do-overs
as you write, erase, and re-write until you get every holiday wish right.

Acroball: The stylish Acroball pen line features advanced ink that delivers an ultrasmooth
writing experience that will help you express glad tidings effortlessly. Acroball
Colors features vibrant barrel colors with matching ink. Acroball Pro offers professional
style with premium metal accents and black ink. Acroball PureWhite has a sleek white
barrel enhanced with richly colored textured grips and black ink. If you’re looking for a
pen that has both style and substance, there is an Acroball that’s right for you.




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