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Thrift Store Shopping Around Utica

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ReStore Shopping Around Utica

DSC_0156Around Utica there is so many spectacular stores. I just love being in the small town of Utica NY. Yes, Believe it or not New York has many small towns. We don’t have subways or big buildings like in New York City.  I did find this small shop right on Seward Ave, Habitat For Humanity ReStore. This is such a cute little shop. They sell all used items that have been donated and sell them at discounted prices.  The money from the sales is donated to Habitat for Humanity. DSC_0159I actually stop in ReStore a couple of times a week looking for little nick nacks for around the house or for backdrops for food photography. They have so many beautiful items. DSC_0162DSC_0163 DSC_0167The cool thing about Restore is they have everything from light fixtures, Furniture, and even windows and doors. I can’t believe how much they fit in this store. Restore is actually perfect if you have a kid going away to college or a new family just starting out. DSC_0169I decided to try a new recipe for Pineapple & Walnut Salad with raspberry vinaigrette. I needed a pretty bowl to put the salad in. To my surprise I found this unique Salad Bowl. The best part is that it only costed me $2.00.  You can read my recipe HERE.DSC_0187DSC_0182

Do you shop at Thrift stores? If you are local I hope you stop in ReStore and check it out!


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