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The Rise Of The On-Demand Nation: Services We Now Get Instantly

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The practicalities of technology today are incredible. We can now do so many things we never thought we’d be able to when we were young. New electronic devices and apps give us many things that make daily life that little bit easier. They’ve also given us many new options for entertainment. One of the best things new technology has brought about is the range of on-demand services now available.


These days, people are doing more and more things when they want, as they want. New software and apps have brought about an on-demand nation. Things we used to have to wait for are now available instantly. What’s more, many are free! You probably use a ton of on-demand services already. Here are some of the great things we now have access to whenever we want thanks to on-demand services.


TV And Movies On-Demand


Credit: Matthew Keys (via Flickr)


One of the most common things we get on-demand these days is TV and movies. The days of rewinding an old VHS tape or finding the right satellite channel are over. We can now see exactly the entertainment we want when we want.


NetFlix is the most popular on-demand TV and movie streaming service. But it’s far from the only one. There are plenty of options for entertainment on-demand out there. For instance, DISH Anywhere lets people watch a range of entertainment for free. It also includes parental controls which make it perfect for kids.


We have access to more shows and films than ever before. Traditional TV viewership is declining fast thanks to the rise of these great services. Many channels are creating their own on-demand services to keep up. You can now watch entertainment from all kinds of sources thanks to streaming boxes and Smart TVs.


Car Rides On-Demand


For many years, unreliable public transport was the only option for people who couldn’t use their car. Taxis were often late and unreliable. Buses weren’t much better. The rise of on-demand services has changed all that. We’re now able to get lifts from our smartphones whenever we need them.


On-demand services like Uber and Lyft are useful and easy to use. You can get the ride you need without having to pay a fortune for it. Additionally, drivers are subject to a rating system, so customer service is of utmost priority.


These services have forced traditional ones to keep up. Many taxi companies are now implementing their own apps to allow for on-demand ride-hailing. There’s also more of a call for customer feedback, which never seemed to be around in the past.


Music On-Demand


Credit: (via Flickr)


The way we listen to music has also changed for the better. You don’t need to lug around a CD collection to have access to all the music you want. For many years, illegal downloading was popular. But on-demand music services have provided people with an easy and legal way to listen to everything they want.


It’s brought about a streaming music war, with on-demand music services trying to outdo the others. Services like Apple Music, Spotify and Pandora are becoming wildly popular. They all have apps which let you listen to music from anywhere with your smartphone. Many people access the music they want on-demand while exercising or in the car.


It brought about a much-needed change in the music industry. More and more people are now able to access the music they love.


Delivery On-Demand


The rise of on-demand services has also made delivery faster than ever. Many companies, such as Amazon, now offer same-day delivery for certain items. Restaurants and grocery stores are also starting to pick up on this new trend.


Most takeout services now offer online orders to make the process quicker and easier. Many retail stores also let you make orders from your smartphone, with super fast delivery options.


More startups are also getting into on-demand deliveries. For instance, Onfleet has powered upwards of 1 million deliveries on-demand. It seems we’re getting closer to getting everything we want as soon as possible- even physical items.


Gaming On-Demand


Much like with other forms of entertainment, gaming is now practically all on-demand. Physical games are still available. But with downloading capabilities on all consoles, many people choose to get their games instantly online.


The same applies to PC gaming. Services like Steam allow people to buy and download what they want straight away.


Even Androids and iPhones offer many great games you can download and play at a moment’s notice. In the past, games were expensive and sometimes hard to find. Now it’s easier than ever to play what you want when you want.

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