Monkey Kingdom Review

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Monkey Kingdom Review

*** I was provided with an all expense paid trip for this event. Although all opinions are 100% mine****

On my trip to LA for #AvengersEvent I was able to go to a screening of #MonkeyKingdom. We were able to see the movie right at ABC Studio.


I was actually very excited to watch DisneyNatures Monkey Kingdom. I could not wait for this movie to come to theaters after seeing the commercials on tv.


This movie was absolutely amazing. It is actually a documentary but don’t let that scare you away. I have never been a big fan of documentaries but the narrator does such an amazing job.  Monkey Kingdom was filmed in Sri Lanka set among the ancient ruins. Once the home of royalty, today is home to more than a thousand monkeys. The scenery is breath-taking. It took 3 years to film Monkey Kingdom.

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It’s our world. We’re living wild and free.

The story of Monkey Kingdom is actually amazing, you really learn a lot about the hierarchy of the monkey kingdom. You get to watch the adventures of Maya and her struggles and triumphs being one of the low monkeys on the social ranks. It is pretty amazing to me that they were able to capture so much on film.

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What makes somewhere home is family

Maya becomes a mom to her new son Kip and she wants a better life for Kip. I love the message of the film “What makes somewhere home is family.” You can watch as Maya and her monkey “clan” must relocate into an urban jungle. This is a time for Maya to shine and show her street smarts as she makes sure her son Kip gets what he needs. This is one of the funniest parts of the film. You will love it.

Monkey Kingdom is family friendly. You can bring kids of all ages to see this movie with no worries. I highly recommend going to see Monkey Kingdom. This movie will make you laugh, best of all there is a very happy ending.

I hope everyone goes to see DisneyNature’s Monkey Kingdom Opening everywhere April 17th!

See MONKEY KINGDOM Opening Week (April 17-23), and Disneynature will make a donation in your honor to Conservation International to help protect monkeys and other endangered species in their natural habitats. Learn more at



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