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Looking for new dinner recipes to add to your menu? I have some incredible dinner ideas that you might want to check out and try. I love testing out new recipes, and here you will find all my favorite tried and true recipes.

Whether you are looking for a new pasta recipe, juicy and flavorful brisket, or maybe you want to enjoy a skillet pizza at home. I will share some of my favorite and popular recipes you might want to try.

Dinner Ideas

I am the type that is not a fan of eating repeat meals. So, I am always creating and finding new recipes to try and keep us satisfied in eating at home. Having new and creative recipes to serve up helps us skip ordering takeout.

Pasta Recipes To Try

Do you enjoy pasta? If you are saying yes, over and over again, here are some fantastic pasta recipes to consider trying out.

Pasta is one dish that is great for stretching a meal, serving a crowd, and filling up kids who are hungry after a busy day at school! I have so many more pasta recipes you might enjoy.

Beef Recipes

Beef recipes are one we enjoy as well. Whether you reach for a steak or roast, you will find tons of recipes to consider making for yourself or to serve up a crowd.

You will find I am a huge fan of the Instant Pot, and I am really getting into cooking with my air fryer. You will also find skillet recipes that you can make.

Chicken Recipes

Now, I wanted to share some of my new chicken recipes and classics to add to the mix as well. We love chicken in our home, and these recipes will knock your socks off. 

Feel free to print out the free printable recipe cards at the bottom of each recipe to create your own cookbook for your favorite recipes you find on my site.