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If you are on the hunt for soup recipes, check out my list below. I have soups that will warm your bones and soothe the soul! With minimal time in the kitchen, you can prep and have your soup cooking. 

Skip takeout and make a Copycat soup recipe. My Panera chicken and wild rice soup, broccoli and cheese soup. Or kick up the heat with my Instant Pot buffalo chicken soup! 

The Best Soup Recipes

All of my recipes are tried and true. When you go to make them you will find I do my best to make them as easy as they can be! 

Why Make Soup In The Instant Pot

  • Fast | You will get that slow and simmered soup taste literally in a fraction of the time. The Instant Pot does a fantastic job at really cooking and infusing the flavors in a hurry. 
  • Energy Saver | If you care about using energy in your home this is another reason to reach for your pot. It will use less energy compared to stovetop. 
  • Easy Cleanup | I love how easy my IP is to clean. Whether you toss in dishwasher or hand wash it makes cleaning up a breeze! 
  • Hands Off | No babysitting required with your Instant pot. Turn it on and let it handle the rest! 

I look at my Instant Pot just like I do my slow cooker. Why wouldn’t I want to make soups in that to simplify my life. 

Are These Soups Kid Friendly

You will find almost all my soups will be kid friendly. The buffalo soup does pack a little heat so that one I would say be cautious of. But all the rest are a great way to serve up a tasty lunch or dinner to kids. 

What Types Of Soups Will I Find

  • Creamy Soups
  • Soups with Pasta
  • Classic Soup Recipes
  • Copycat Soups 
  • Weight Watcher and Diet Soups
  • And more

What to Serve With Soup 

Soup can be a one-dish type of meal. But you can always add on other items to make it a heartier meal or stretch the soup if you want to serve a crowd! 

  • Sandwiches | you could do like half sandwiches and a bowl of soup. 
  • Crackers | Dip or crumble on top. We love oyster crackers and saltines. 
  • Salad | Lighten up the meal with a salad. A simple tossed salad or even chopped salad will work great. 

Or depending on the soup you can serve it as a starter dish before the main meal is served if you are hosting a dinner.