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Desserts are always welcome at my table! Whether it is a no-Bake pie, chocolate dessert, or a simple cookie. 


If you have a sweet tooth and are looking for some new dessert recipes to make, check out what I have below! 

Instant Pot Desserts

You know the Instant Pot is great for main dishes and sides, but did you know you can also cook desserts in it? 


Check out some of my most popular pressure cooker desserts below and see for yourself how versatile an Instant Pot can be for your kitchen! 


Cheesecake Recipes

One of my all time favorites, is a homemade cheesecake. Slightly tangy, velvety smooth and so addictive you just need one more bite. 


I have some really delicious cheesecake recipes below to consider making for any and every occasion. 


Even if you are not big into baking you will find almost all my recipes are great even for beginners. 

Easy cake recipes, cookies and more. I even have a peanut butter brownie recipe that will make you crave more.


Can You Freeze Homemade Desserts

You will find that most of the recipes on Adventures of A Nurse can be frozen. Some of my desserts if they have a glaze or a sauce are best frozen without the sauce. Then once you thaw add on the sauce so the base doesn’t get mushy as it thaws. 


Cheesecakes Freeze well, most cakes, brownies, etc. You mainly look at the ingredients to ensure they can. While I can’t vouch every recipe can, you will have to see in post if it can or is better not to be frozen. 


Best Make Ahead Desserts

Depending on the recipe will depend if best made ahead of time or not. Generally cakes, cookies and brownies  can be made in a day advance. You don’t want to go more than that as they could begin to dry out. 


Since cheesecakes require setting up you can make 1-2 days in advance. Some no bake recipes will work doing in advance as well. 


As a good rule of thumb when you work with fruit it is best when served the day you make. Fruit breaks down fast so you want quality.