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Thanks for stopping by and checking out my yummy recipes. All of my recipes are tried, tested, and photographed right in my own home. I love using my Instant Pot, Slow Cooker, Cast Iron Skillets, and Air fryers, to create and share delicious recipes.

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I’m Carla Bushey, and I’ve transitioned from a dedicated nursing career of over 25 years into the dynamic world of food blogging. This space is dedicated to bringing you a treasure trove of recipes, each a testament to the tastes and traditions that resonate with my soul. My home, the beautiful Upstate New York, serves as the backdrop to my culinary creations, often inspired by the rich cultural heritage and the classic Italian cuisine of my hometown, Utica. Dishes like the beloved Chicken Riggies and the comforting Utica Greens are more than just recipes—they are stories, shared from my kitchen to yours.

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close up view of fried pickles
Air Fryer Texas Roadhouse Pickle
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These were delicious! I fried and then ate the entire jar of pickles which it turns out was a mistake but they tasted so good I’m not even mad……..Katie

This was delicious! I just got the Ninji Foodie XL Grill with the air fryer. First time using it! The chicken stayed moist and tender…..Joan

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