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Serve up one or more of these drinks! Thirst quenching, hydrating and flavorful drink recipes. 



Whether you are looking for a drink to serve a crowd, a drink to boost your immunity or warm up on a chilly day, you will enjoy the recipes below. 



One type of recipe I am loving lately is creating homemade smoothies to whip up for a breakfast kickstart or mid-day snack. 


I have an immune boosting smoothie that is loaded with nutrients and vitamins to help fuel your body. Drink when you are trying to prevent getting sick, or as soon as symptoms arrive. 


Or reach for my green fat burning smoothie that will help you to burn off that fat. Don’t let the color scare you, this recipe is very tasty! 


You can save quite a bit of money making your own smoothies at home. 


Warm Drink Recipes

We live in an area where winter hits it is chilly and tons of snowfalls. With that being said, having warm and comforting drinks to whip up is always nice. 


Step inside and warm your toes and cold hands holding a warm drink. These are some of my favorite memories with my young kids when they were little. 


Is It Hard Making Homemade Drinks 

Not at all! You will find that making homemade drinks is just like any other cooking recipe. Just measure properly, follow directions and cook accordingly, 


Best Way To Store Homemade Drinks

The best way to store a homemade drink is covered and in the fridge. Depending on the recipe will vary how to store and for how long. 


You will find those suggestions within each recipe. Also, making sure a drink is covered will help protect it from anything getting in it and preventing it from pulling other odors that are in the fridge,