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Main Courses perfect for serving a crowd or just your family. You will have no trouble getting your whole family to enjoy one or more of these main course recipes below. 


Main Courses

If you are looking for new recipes to change up your weekly dinners, you might find this list helpful. 


We mostly eat chicken or beef in our home but I always try to share an arrangement of recipes! 


How to Eat At Home More

Are you the type that tends to eat out more often than not? If you are wondering how to eat at home more, here are some tips. 


  • Meal planning | Taking the time to meal plan for a week will help you to stay on track. You will know what is on the agenda for your meals and you won’t be tempted as bad to order takeout. 
  • Meal Prep | If you feel up to it, prep meals in advance. Make breakfast recipes and then toss in the freezer. Or even freezer meals that all you do is reheat. 
  • Instant Pot | Consider investing in an instant pot to shave down cook times and use less energy. 
  • Variety | Don’t make the same meals over and over again. Try new recipes to keep meal time interesting for everyone. 

Looking for new recipes to try 

How Long Do Leftovers Store

Every recipe will vary slightly in terms of how long the food stays good once you have it refrigerated. 


A good rule of thumb is that meat stores for up to three days whereas a meatless dish Generally 5-7 days. 


Now if you have food that spoils fast that of course affects the dish. 


I always recommend and follow proper storage before making. 


Give these Meal Ideas A Try

Give any or all these recipes a try. As a good rule of thumb if you like the characteristics then you will find a recipe can be successful. 


If you are not a fan of the pressure cooker, then I suggest to you opt for stovetop or even an oven. 


To navigate chicken on recipe below, it will take you to the page where you find all your options in your local area.