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30 Blackstone Recipes you have to try. It’s time to bring out the Blackstone Griddle and enjoy some delicious grilled food this summer! The Blackstone Grill is perfect for creating unforgettable meals that everyone can enjoy. Here are some delicious recipes you can make with your Blackstone grill, plus tips and tricks for getting started.


If you’re looking for delicious recipes to make with your Blackstone Grill, look no further! We’ve compiled a list of 30 amazing recipes that are sure to tantalize your taste buds.

From breakfast sandwiches and pancakes to french toast and steak dinners, these recipes will help you get the most out of your grill.

How to Get Started With Your Blackstone Grill

  1. Preheat the grill before cooking. This will ensure that the food cooks evenly on both sides and helps keep it from sticking to the surface.
  2. Make sure to season your food before grilling, this will help create a flavorful char on the outside and a juicy center inside.
  3. Keep an eye on the temperature of your grill – too much heat can burn foods quickly, while not enough will be ineffective in cooking them properly.

Be sure to check out all 30 recipes below

30 Blackstone Recipes:

Blackstone Dinner Recipes:

1: Turkey Reuben on the Blackstone:

This classic Turkey Reuben, or Rachel Reuben, combines leftover turkey, sauerkraut, tangy dressing, and cheese between two slices of Rye bread grilled to perfection on a Blackstone Grill just until the cheese has melted.

A turkey Reuben has a savory, tangy flavor. The melted Swiss cheese adds an unmistakable creaminess that combines perfectly with the juicy, slices of turkey.

reuben cooking on griddle

2: Blackstone Grilled Kielbasa, Tortellini:

Blackstone Grilled Kielbasa, Tortellini, & Spinach Casserole is full of flavor and so easy to make as it combines Kielbasa, tortellini, and delicious vegetables into a one-of-a-kind pasta dish that you prepare 100 percent outside on the grill.

This easy dinner recipe will make your taste buds dance! This has quickly become one of our favorite Blackstone recipes.


3: Blackstone Smash Burgers:

A smash burger made on a Blackstone Grill is a type of burger that is cooked by pressing down on the patty with a spatula as it cooks to give it a crispy, seared outer layer.

It also helps to keep the juices inside the patty as it cooks. The Blackstone Grill gives a unique smoky flavor, making this type of burger a favorite for many grillers. Find the Recipe at Grillonadime


4: Blackstone Hibachi Rice:

Whether you call it hibachi chicken, teppanyaki chicken, or that fantastic teriyaki chicken that you get at a Japanese steakhouse is up to you, but this easy Blackstone hibachi recipe will be your new favorite thing to cook on the griddle! This recipe can be found on The Flat Top King!


5: Chicken Teriyaki:

Blackstone Chicken Teriyaki is stir fry on your flat-top griddle, a healthy, delicious, and low-carb recipe for the Blackstone griddle.

Chicken teriyaki flavor is a savory and sweet taste combination that is popular in Japanese cuisine. The recipe is made by Cooks Well with Others:

6: Blackstone Steak Fajitas:

We have found the best way to cook fajitas at home! Think of your favorite restaurant’s quality fajitas at home. Blackstone Steak Fajitas are bursting with flavor from fajita-seasoned steak, peppers, and onions that are cooked on your door griddle. This recipe is made by Gimme Some Grilling

7: Blackstone Flatbread Pizza:

If you’re looking for an easy, yet delicious camping recipe for your next trip consider making some grilled or griddled flatbread pizzas!

We love cooking outdoors on our Blackstone Griddle and this is such an easy thing to make and customize to everyone’s preference. Here I’ll be sharing how to make BBQ Chicken and Jalapeno Popper Flatbreads. Such a great griddle recipe! Made by Outdoori.sh

8: Philly Cheesesteaks:

Philly Cheesesteak with tender ribeye steak melted gooey provolone, and caramelized onions hugged by a toasted garlic butter hoagie roll.

9: Blackstone Mexican Street Corn:

Mexican street corn has always been a favorite of mine!! Blackstone Mexican Street Corn is an easy side dish to make up, and it was also not super messy as well. 

10: Blackstone Steak Fajita Quesadillas:

Blackstone Steak Fajita Quesadillas are made with simple ingredients. The steak cooks perfectly on the griddle with simple seasoning and vegetables.

They make a perfect snack or meal for any time of day. Enjoy the delicious steak fajita quesadilla combination! Plus, they’re easy to make so you can whip up a batch in no time.


Breakfast Blackstone Griddle Recipes:

11: Blackstone Pancakes:

Blackstone Pancakes is a total game-changer for me! My family loves pancakes, and with our size, it always takes a LONG time to make a big batch of pancakes. Now when we have family over, normally at least two electric griddles were going for pancakes, but that were also more people in the kitchen!

12: Breakfast Sandwiches:

Take a break from pancakes on the griddle to try these delicious biscuit breakfast sandwiches. The biscuits cook beautifully directly on the griddle and resemble crumpets with their crisp golden exterior and soft doughy interior.

The cheesy eggs and crisp bacon are perfectly balanced with a juicy slice of tomato. The sandwiches are easy to customize–you can switch out the pepper jack for your favorite cheese or throw in a few extra veggies with the spinach. The breakfast sandwich world is your oyster!

13: Sausage Stuffed Hashbrowns:

These Blackstone Stuffed Hash Browns are cooked until crisp on a gas griddle, stuffed with sausage and cheese, and then topped with bacon, cheese, and a fried egg (if that’s your thing), and are going to make all of your breakfast dreams come true. 


14:Breakfast Hash:

This Blackstone Breakfast Hash Recipe is such an easy breakfast to whip up! Now I love to grill at night so it probably doesn’t surprise you that I love to make breakfast outside too. Now I did a similar version to this camping, so I had to make a big batch at home. 


15:Fried Chicken Breakfast:

If you’re wanting Blackstone griddle chicken recipes, then add this awesome fried chicken breakfast sandwich to your list of things to make on the griddle!

This awesome flat-top grill breakfast sandwich is made with fried chicken, country ham, bacon, an over-easy egg, and a spicy sweet sauce, all piled high on a big buttermilk biscuit


16:Folded Breakfast Quesadillas :

I have another delicious Blackstone griddle recipe for you! Have you heard of a folded quesadilla yet? Well if you haven’t you have to try these Blackstone Folded Breakfast Quesadillas!

What is fun about folded quesadillas is that you can customize them however you would like. This breakfast version would be great for when you are camping or have a lazy Sunday when you want to make something different for breakfast!

17:Grilled Scrambled Eggs :

Want to make scrambled eggs on the griddle? I recently tried four different cooking methods, and I’m sharing my secrets for the perfect griddle scrambled eggs!

18:Blackstone French Toast :

Breakfast on the Blackstone never disappoints. Because of the large flat top surface I can cook multiple things at once. We love being able to enjoy breakfast as a family. Blackstone Griddle Recipes is a great way to get breakfast done quickly.

19:Blackstone Chorizo Breakfast Burritos:

Blackstone Chorizo Breakfast Burritos would obviously be an incredible breakfast or a perfect breakfast-for-dinner. I love the chorizo because it’s juicy, flavorful and perfect for piling into tortillas. The addition of black beans, eggs, avocados and cheese make these burritos even more delicious. They’re super easy to make, too –

20:Blackstone Bacon!:

Learn how to cook bacon on Blackstone Griddle. This is the BEST bacon you’ll ever have. You can make it perfect crisp or chewy whichever you prefer. Nothing like homemade pancakes and bacon for breakfast on the Blackstone griddle.

Blackstone Griddle Desserts:

21:Smashed Cinnamon Rolls on the Blackstone Griddle:

Get my tips and tricks to make the perfect smashed Pillsbury cinnamon roll pancakes that your whole family will be asking you to make again and again! Have you ever had Smashed Blackstone Cinnamon Rolls? Here is a way to make cinnamon rolls on a Blackstone flattop grill. When you make them once, you’ll be doing it again and again.

22:Blackstone S’mores Pizza Griddle:

This fun pizza twist on traditional s’mores is a tasty dessert to try on your Blackstone griddle. Make up these s’mores pizzas for a crowd at your next party or cookout. They cook up quickly and taste delicious! Be creative and try some different toppings and flavor combinations.

23:Pineapple Upside Down Pancake:

Blackstone Pineapple Upside Down Pancakes are a special treat that you and your family will love every day of the week as it combines pancake batter, pineapple, brown sugar, and Maraschino cherries to create a sweet decadent breakfast in minutes! 


24:Smores Quesadilla :

Want to know what the number one dessert of the summer is? It’s not pie, it’s grilled s’mores dessert quesadillas stuffed with Nutella and marshmallows!

25:Blackstone Peach Cobbler:

Peach cobbler is a southern staple and what better way to transform this into a griddle recipe! Peach cobbler cakes is what this is and you’ll love the way it tastes, especially with a drizzle of honey and a scope of ice cream at the end.

26:Apple Pie on the Blackstone Griddle:

Open Top Apple Pie on the Blackstone Griddle | Dessert on the Blackstone Today we are making some dessert on the Blackstone Griddle!! We are making what we call Open Top Apple Pie. This recipe is so easy and simple, you will make this a lot and your family will be glad you did!!

27:Fireball Grilled Pineapple:

With its unique blend of sweet and spicy flavors coming together in perfect harmony with every bite, this Fireball Grilled Pineapple is sure to become a favorite go-to dessert whenever you fire up your Blackstone griddle!


Today we’re showing how to make popcorn on the Blackstone Griddle! We were so excited to finally do this fun, easy cook! The Blackstone griddle may be the funnest way to make popcorn, and it was so easy! YOU GOTTA TRY IT!

29:Blackstone Biscuit donuts

This easy biscuit donut recipe is made with Pillsbury Grands canned biscuits that have been quartered and rolled into balls to form donut holes. Kid-approved and an awesome breakfast or dessert recipe for the Camp Chef or Blackstone griddle.

30:Funnel Cake on the Blackstone

WAIT! We cannot wait to show you that YES! YOU CAN MAKE FUNNEL CAKE ON THE BLACKSTONE GRIDDLE! This EASY FAIR FOOD RECIPE is so amazing and these FUNNEL CAKES are some of the most fun cooks we’ve done ON THE BLACKSTONE GRIDDLE!

Whether you’re a professional chef or a backyard griller, these 30 Blackstone recipes are sure to bring the flavor. From traditional favorites to modern twists on classic recipes, you’ll find something for everyone. With grilling season fast approaching, there’s no better time to get your hands on some amazing blackstone grill recipes.

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