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Nesco Roaster Oven Review and Cheese Baked Ziti Recipe

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[su_frame][/su_frame] [su_quote cite=”Nesco” url=”https://www.nesco.com/”]NESCO® has been the leader in roaster ovens since their invention in 1931. Nesco® Roaster we offer the widest selection of quality portable roaster ovens. Our various size roasters will cook anything from a pot of chili to a 22# turkey! [/su_quote]


I love having all the latest and greatest kitchen gadgets. I was given the chance to review a Nesco 6 qt Roaster. I have never owned a Roaster so I was very excited to try out the Nesco Roaster. Little did I know the Nesco Roaster does it all it roasts, bakes, cooks, steams, slow cooks, and serves all in one. The Nesco Roaster is pretty large and holds 6 quarts. The pan is removable so you can take it right from the roaster to the table.  The pan is dishwasher safe and has a non-stick interior which makes clean up a breeze. There is several settings on the Nesco Roaster the heat goes from 200 degrees for slow cooking and all the way to 400 degrees.   The Unique “Circle of Heat®” heating element provides moist, even cooking. You can do roasted potatoes in about 20-30 minutes they come out nice and crispy and the center is soft. My favorite was the baked ziti I did right in the roaster. See the recipe below. I have used my Nesco Roaster every single night since I have owned it. I love the nesco roaster.

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Cheesy Baked Ziti
You will need:

Sauce and meat balls get the recipe here

two pounds of cooked “aldente”pasta rigatoni

Ricotta cheese 16 oz

Mozzarella cheese 16 oz

1 egg


Directions: In a separate bowl cream ricotta cheese with the shredded 12oz mozzarella(leaving out 4oz for the top) and one egg until mixed until and creamy and smooth.

In the nesco roaster pan using a ladle layer the bottom of the pan with your sauce next layer the rigatoni pasta, with a large spoon drop balls of the ricotta mixture layer with sauce again. Repeat this process until all your pasta and cheese is gone top off with the mozzarella cheese.

Cover and place on 325 in your Nesco Roaster for about 1 hour. Let cool off and serve.


You can find Nesco on the Web, facebook and youtube. They have a wide range of kitchen appliances all with the same quality. I hope you check them out.

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