The Most Popular Tricks And Tips In The Kitchen

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I spend a lot of time in my kitchen, and I am finally getting around to sharing these most popular tricks and tips in the kitchen that everyone needs to know! Kitchen hacks will help make the time you spend in the kitchen more efficient in more ways than one. You all know I have a major love for my Instant Pot because it saves me a tremendous time in the cooking department. If you are like me and need every spare minute you can find, then these favorite kitchen hacks will be handy for you. You may also like How to Master Your Instant Pot 

Sit back and enjoy all these fantastic kitchen tips and tricks. I learned even more kitchen tips and tricks recently and let me say after implementing them in my life, they indeed have made my life easier in more than one way or saved me time. Don’t spend wasted time in the kitchen, check out these awesome kitchen hacks.The Most Popular Tricks And Tips In The Kitchen

Must Try Tricks And Tips In The Kitchen 

Measuring Cups

When you go to measure out peanut butter, syrup, and other sticky ingredients, grab your cooking spray and coat your measuring cup first. Or you can run your measuring cup under really hot water, and then put your ingredient in, and it won’t stick as bad to the cup!

Ice Cubes 

If you boil your water first and then pour it into your trays, your ice will come out crystal clear. Another tip with this is I boil water, and then once it cools a bit, I toss in fresh berries, herbs, or even edible flowers and freeze the cubes. Then throw them in your glass pitcher with fresh lemonade, water, or other drinks for a pretty look for when guests come over.Ice Cube Hack

Odor On Hands

If you cut up onions or garlic you might have found that odors linger on the skin. Take a stainless steel spoon and wash your hands rubbing it all over the spoon. The stainless steel helps pull out the lingering odors in your skin. Works like a charm!

Roasted Vegetables

This kitchen hack is a tasty one. Merely place your pan in the oven as it preheats, then when it hits temperature then pull the pan out and set the vegetables you want to roast on the pan. This will give it a quick start to browning and add more flavor.

Powdered Sugar

If you are out of powdered sugar but a recipe calls for it, grab your granulated sugar. Toss in a food processor and run it for a bit and it will break down the sugar to powdered sugar consistency.

Sauteing Veggies

If you are sauteing onions or garlic and it is heating up too fast and getting brown, toss an ice cube or two in the pan. This will drop the temperature down quickly and help save your onions, garlic, or veggies.


Add just a little water to your pan when you cook bacon to help it from splattering so much when you cook it!bacon hack

Butternut Squash

Love this time-saving tip. Take your whole butternut squash and put in the microwave for 2-3 minutes. Then when you go to peel, seed, or cube it, you won’t work near as hard.

Freeze Fresh Herbs

If you have fresh herbs that you can’t use up before it goes bad, you will love this hack. Chop up the herbs, put in olive oil in say ice cube trays and freeze it. Then when you are cooking up pasta or a dish that you want to toss some herbs in, throw in the ice cube tray. I love this, great for using up your summer herbs. I transfer to freezer bags once they are frozen into cubes.

Boiling Water

Don’t watch your pot boil over again! Either add a teaspoon of canola or olive oil to your pan or take a wooden and lay on top of the pan so that when the bubbles come up they will hit the spoon and it won’t boil over.wood spoon hack

Egg Fresh Test

Take a glass of water and drop your egg into it, if your egg is good, still it will sink. If your egg is bad, it will float to the top. If it semi-floats, it is questionable if it can be used still.

Homemade French Fries 

Take your apple core slicer to cut your potatoes into french fries. Wash and peel and if you are using a large potato slice in half first. Then use it like you would an apple, and it will cut into perfect wedges! Don’t use this with sweet potatoes; they are too hard.

Slicing Cake

When you go to slice up a cake that has multiple layers, use flavorful dental floss. It will slice the cake beautifully and not mess up the frosting.

Corn on The Cob

When you go to cut corn off the cob, place one end on the center of a bundt cake pan. Then when you go to cut it, the kernels will fall right into the pan. No mess and simple to do. 

Storing Leftover Gravy Or Soups 

If you have leftover soup or gravy you want to save, consider using a resealable bag. Place the gallon size bag in a large measuring cup or even a bowl, and then pull the sides around the bowl or cup. Then you can easily pour the soup or gravy in with ease. Seal and then lay flat if you will freeze. 


If you love to eat brownies, use a plastic knife to cut them into squares. It won’t make such a mess like a regular knife by breaking up the brownies. 

Microwave Cleaning Tip 

When you go to clean a microwave from stuck on splatters, try this trick. Take a bowl with a cup of water and a pinch of baking soda. Heat the water for around 3-4 minutes and let it sit until the bowl cools. Take it out, and then the condensation in the microwave will make it easy for wiping away any splatters.

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