Surprising Cornstarch Uses Outside Of The Kitchen

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You might use cornstarch to thicken up your gravy or soup base, but allow me to open your eyes. Be prepared to be amazed by all the Surprising Cornstarch Uses Outside Of The Kitchen! Cornstarch is derived from the kernels of corn and dated back all the way to 1000 BC. In that era, they would use cornstarch for beauty and even adhesives. It is amazing how cornstarch is still around and used in so many amazing ways.  

Surprising Cornstarch Uses Outside Of The Kitchen

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Cornstarch Uses To Simplify Life 

Pet Care

If you have ever trimmed your dog’s paw and made it bleed, reach for the cornstarch. Apply cornstarch to the nail that is bleeding it will help clot it faster.  

Ink on Carpet

Mix milk and cornstarch together to make a thick paste. Apply to stain on the carpet and allow to dry. Take a stiff brush and help pull up the dry mix then vacuum. This should pull out the ink. Best to test an area to ensure it won’t harm your carpet.  


Just apply a little cornstarch to your troubled area where you tend to have chafing. It will prevent the friction and is a very affordable option.


Mix cornstarch with a tad of water to create a thicker paste. Apply to your sunburn and all the mixture to dry on the skin or rinse off after 15 minutes. It will help soothe and reduce the pain.

Furniture Polish

If you polish your furniture and went overboard and have a bit of residue, sprinkle cornstarch on it. This will soak up the oil and you can wipe it clean.

Translucent Powder

Mix 1 teaspoon or baby powder and ½ teaspoon of cornstarch together and use this as a translucent powder! Works just as good as store bought!

Matte Nail Polish

Mix a tiny dab of cornstarch with nail polish to create a matte look. Just pour some out into a bowl or even disposable plate, mix and immediately apply to nails.

Clean Stuffed Animals

Washing stuffed animals too often can break them down. Simply toss your dirty stuffed animals in a pillow case or bag and toss in a ½ cup of Cornstarch. Then shake well and then leave animals to sit overnight. Vacuum ant residue off animals in the morning!

Scorch Mark On Clothes From Iron

It happens! Wet the area that has the scorch mask, apply a thin layer of cornstarch and let it dry. Shake off the cornstarch and it should have removed the mark.

Grease on Wall

Last nights bacon leave your wall a little splattered with grease? If your pan got away and end up with grease on your wall, try this. On a soft cloth sprinkle cornstarch on it and then apply to the wall. It will absorb the oil as you wipe it.

Shoe Refresher

If you have sweaty feet shake in Cornstarch and let it sit overnight. Then shake it out in the morning. This will help pull out odors and help block out future odors.

Dry Shampoo for Dogs

If your dog needs a coat refresher sprinkle a little cornstarch on their coat. Brush them and watch any dirt and grime get pulled off their coat. Great to do in between washes.

Carpet Refresher

Take cornstarch and sprinkle over your carpets. Let sit 10 minutes and then vacuum it up. This will refresh your carpet and remove odors that are lingering.

Roach Killer

Mix half cornstarch to half plaster of Paris and then sprinkle along the crevices around the home where you suspect roaches are coming in: this mixture repels then.

Polish Silver

Create a thicker paste with cornstarch and water. Then apply to silver and buff until it is nice and shiny.

Unstick Marshmallows

If you bought a bag of marshmallows that are all stuck together you will love this hack. Add ½ teaspoon to your marshmallow bag, hold tight and shake. The cornstarch will break the marshmallows apart by absorbing the moisture.

Body Powder

Take one cup of cornstarch and add in 5 drops of your favorite essential oil. Stir well and then use this as body powder after a shower! Works just as good.

Knots in Rope 

Simply sprinkle some cornstarch on the rope that is tangled up. It will create friction and loosen the knots in the rope, making it a lot easier to untie. 

What creative ways do you use cornstarch?  




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