Perks To Using Pen and Paper For Note Taking

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It might seem like an old-school route to take, but using pen and paper to take notes truly is something we shouldn’t let go of. It is a really wonderful way to boost your productivity in learning for school, work, and more. I want to share a handful of perks that come from pen and paper note-taking. I do know we live in a digital world but studies have been done that show the classic writing it down on paper helps us retain it better in our minds. So push that laptop to the side and grab your pen and some pretty paper and get to writing! 

Perks To Using Pen and Paper For Note Taking


While I love my smartphone, tablet, and computer, I also love to pull out my paper and pen and use that as well. I find that it helps me, whether it is making a grocery list, brainstorming recipes, or even doing some research for work. Whatever the case is, I have the information all out in front of me and I can skim through and see exactly what I was thinking. 

Why I Recommend Pen and Paper For Note Taking 

Multiple Skills  

When you write it to gives you that complex style of skills being used at once. You are moving your hand and your brain is working on sending the thoughts to your hand. It really helps your brain and muscles pair together, which is complex but so amazing. When you go to type you just remember where you letter button is to push, but writing you have to remember how to write the letter, use your hand to write it, and think all at once. It really takes a lot of skills being used at once to write, which is something that we shouldn’t let go of. It is very beneficial for our brains and especially as we age. 

Processing Better

The average person tends to type around 35-40 words per minute, which is great for speed, but pen and paper really makes your brain work harder. You are mentally thinking more of the words you are writing down in a slower pace, so your brain does more thinking. While it slows you down writing, it gives you that long process time which allows you to absorb the information being said. 

Visual Learning 

The one thing about handwriting out your notes is that you visually see what you are writing in a different way. You might want to highlight a few words or capitalize them to stand out. Yes, you can add a highlight or change in a word document but it is a lot different. Physically doing it really allows you to visualize the words and learn in a new way. 

Distraction Free Productivity

Ever try writing or taking notes on your phone or electronic device to see a text come through, or a notification from social media? That distracts you and can slow you down dramatically. When you have a notepad and paper, you don’t have notifications popping up, you can turn your phone to silence and just work. You will be a lot more productive when you are not getting interrupted by emails, phone calls, text, and other notifications. 

Creative Mind 

One thing about writing is it really allows you to maximize your creative mind. You can just grab your pen and paper and write, no interruptions and just let the thoughts flow. It is a great way to unplug from technology and just focus on what you are working on. This is a great way to break free from writing ruts, write essays for school and more. No matter the age or task at handwriting really allows you to just pause the world and write what comes to mind. To help get Started I Used Paper&Packing How Life Unfolds You can get everything in one box!  




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