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20 Must Have Instant Pot Recipes

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20 Must Have Instant Pot Recipes20 Must Have Instant Pot Recipes




We all have that one appliance in the kitchen you can not live without. For me it is my Instant Pot. I use mine 5 times per week at least sometimes I have two of them going at once. If you have not yet joined the pressure cooking ban wagon you need to jump on board. From cooking fresh yogurt, and cheesecake, to Fall off the bone Ribs in under 30 minutes you really can not go wrong. This fall and winter I am looking forward to making homemade soups and beef stews. Here is 20 Must Have Instant Pot Recipes.


  1. Better than Take-Out Beef and Broccoli This is one of my favorite dishes. It is so much better than going for take out.
  2. Instant Pot Yogurt There is nothing better than Fresh Yogurt. For the price of a gallon of milk you have yogurt.
  3. Homemade Beef-Pho Another take out meal that turns out perfect in the IP.
  4. New York Cherry Cheesecake This is made with Ricotta cheese and will melt in your mouth.
  5. HardBoiled Eggs Easy to do and comes out perfect every time. check out the video.
  6. Pasta Fagioli  A hearty soup that is filling for everyone in the family.
  7. Instant Pot Oatmeal  Breakfast in the Instant Pot you can’t go wrong.
  8. Fall off the Bone Ribs  Ribs that fall off the bone in 30 minutes is unheard of.
  9. Italian Wedding Soup Meatballs and veggies in a soup that will warm your soul.
  10. Cheddar & Broccoli Pasta Easy and Cheesy a dish even the kids will love.
  11. RootBeer Wings Perfect for the football season.
  12. Samoa Cheesecake Who does not love Samoa? This cheesecake is to die for.
  13. The Worlds Most Moist Chicken Ever No time for dinner? Throw a chicken in the IP.
  14. Bone Broth Make your own homemade bonebroth.
  15. Chicken and Stuffing  Talk about Comfort foods? This dish is amazing.
  16. Perfect Pot Roast Here is another comfort food that your husband will love.
  17. Peanutbutter Cup Cheesecake Peanutbutter cups and cheesecake. Yes, please.
  18. Fire HOT Taco Bowl A delicious spicy rice dish that the whole family will eat.
  19. Goulash I make goulash at least once a week. I always add different veggies.
  20. Applesauce In the IP is very easy to do and tastes much better than from the store.
  21. Banana Bread pressure Cooker Banana Bread is a moist heavy bread that is very filling

See my full list of Instant Pot Recipes I am working hard on adding more everyday.

I hope you enjoy these Instant Pot Recipes as much as I do. Please comment your favorite one.



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