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This summer will be a season of celebration- I just know it! If you want to get in on the fun, then planning some of the best BBQ around might be on your list of things to do. 

If your goal is to plan the best summer BBQ’s, then you have come to the right place. I wrote out some of the top summer essentials to make your summer bash the hit of the season. The best part? All you need is a quick visit to Amazon and you’ll be able to get everything that you need. 

I wrote up a list of the absolute must haves to have the best summer BBQ to help you see exactly what you need. 

Curious to see what made the list? Keep reading…

Cooking Essentials

Pit Barrel Cooker

When it comes to BBQing with your family, you want to focus on the fun of it all! You know, making memories by playing games and just plain relaxing with your loved ones while enjoying everyone’s company.

Pit Barrel Cooker

Pit Barrel made right here in the USA and Veteran Owned Business!

What is the Pit Barrel Cooker?

With this awesome grill- the sky’s the limit on what delicious meals you serve your guests while keeping stress to a minimum.  

The Ultimate BBQ Set

If your want to have the ultimate summer BBQ, then you need the ultimate BBQ set to help you prepare all that yummy food the best way possible. In order to grill your meats and veggies to perfection, then you need to have the right equipment, which is what makes this BBQ Set an excellent choice for your awesome BBQs this summer. 

Trust me, your taste buds will thank you!



Sandboxes are one the oldest and best activities for sensory play. Think about it- what childhood doesn’t involve a sandbox? While I just had some sand in a homemade box made of 2×4’s, Amazon has taken the sandbox into the 21st century with this awesome outdoor activity!

If you plan on having a BBQ with lots of kids, this is the perfect addition to your backyard to keep them entertained for hours! Pretty neat, right? 

Beyond Outdoors Giant Connect 4 

For the most entertaining BBQ activity, this giant connect 4 game is an excellent Mother’s day gift from Amazon. For years to come, guests will beg you to pull out this game to play all afternoon long no matter their age. 

Make your backyard BBQ’s the event of the season with this classic game that everyone loves to play.

FujiFilm Instax Mini Camera   

This mini camera is adorable! The choice of colors and the ability to take and have pictures instantly makes this the perfect addition to any BBQ from Amazon! 

Think about how many pictures every parent has on their phone, stored away but not printed out to show the world. It is a shame! The FujiFilm Instax Mini camera is the perfect solution to that. 

Your guests will be able to leave your party with memories already printed out- the perfect party favor!


Electric Wine Bottle Opener

You know those things that you need, but you didn’t know that you needed them until you got one? That’s exactly how people feel about this electric wine bottle opener. This high quality wine bottle opener is the perfect addition to any BBQ- trust me. 

The sleek design is easy to use and is perfect to help your guests open the next bottle with ease. 

Igloo MaxCold Cooler

Want a cool summer? Part of the fun of BBQing is to cook amazing food. You need a way to keep that food at the correct temperature and an Igloo cooler is the way to go! The Igloo coolers have been around for generations and are one of the most trusted brands for outdoor gear- which is why I was so excited to see that Amazon was carrying these awesome Igloo Coolers this summer!


Teddi Outdoor Loveseat + Coffee Table Set

Full disclosure: I LOVE this Teddi Love Seat and Coffee Table Seriously. It is comfortable, durable, and I use it all the time. For BBQing, it’s perfect for a day lounging by the pool or entertaining guests.

The Teddi Outdoor Loveseat + Coffee Table Set is perfect for playtime and fun hangs outside. It seats 2 people comfortably. It comes with 2 rain covers to snugly fit around each piece and keep patio furniture clean and dry. The Teddi Set is built from durable, weather-resistant steel and painted in a bright white or charcoal grey powder coating and matching white or grey polyester cushions that conveniently snap together.

Easy Grilling Recipes

In Summary 

Getting what you need for BBQ’s doesn’t need to be impossible! In fact, a quick browse on Amazon will help you get everything that you need for the best BBQ around. 

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