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How to Cook Long Grain Rice in Instant Pot

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Want to know how to cook long grain rice in Instant Pot easily? No more mushy, burnt, or undercooked rice here. Learn how to cook rice in an Instant Pot the right way, so you end up with success each and every time. Instant Pot Rice is easy to do, great as a side or transforms the rice into a dish for dinner. However you prefer, you will enjoy my how-to guide for instant pot rice.

We love rice in our home, I also love my Instant Pot more than ever. I tossed out my rice cooker years ago and put my Instant Pot in its place. I haven’t looked back, and my rice is tasting better than ever. If you need help mastering long grain rice in the Instant Pot, let me help to guide you with tips and tricks.


How to Cook Long Grain Rice in Instant Pot

How to Cook Long Grain Rice in Instant Pot

Rice can be tricky, and depending on the make and model of your Instant Pot you might experience issues here and there. But if these questions can help answer what is going on, you might be winning in the rice department soon. Let me teach you how to cook rice in Instant Pot!

Instant Pot Rice Recipes

How to Cook Long Grain Rice in Instant Pot


Does An Instant Pot Replace A Rice Cooker

It sure did in our family! I am able to cook rice even faster than I could in my rice cooker, and it turns out light, fluffy, and tasty each and every time. If you are short on counter space, you might too consider tossing your rice cooker and using your Instant Pot to replace it.

Why Did My Rice Not Turnout Well

There could be many reasons why your rice didn’t turn out. Let me share the most common reasons why rice doesn’t turn out well, to help you troubleshoot the issue.

  • Mushy or Sticky | If you find rice ends up really mushy or offers a sticky texture, that means there was too much water added to the amount of rice you are cooking.
  • Watery | If your timer goes off and you find water still in your pot, that means the rice needs to cook longer, and you didn’t give it long enough to fully cook your rice. You can opt to close the lid and add more time to your recipe to see if it can finish cooking it.
  • Hard or Burned | This happens if you overcook your rice or don’t add in enough water. Either option can leave you with really hard or burned rice.

How to Cook Long Grain Rice in Instant Pot

Should I Rinse My Rice Before Putting In Instant Pot

Yes. I always no matter what method I use for making rice, rinse my rice first. You will find you get milky water after you rinse your rice. Rinsing your rice helps remove extra starches, and will help prevent you from getting a mushy or sticky end result.


How to Cook Long Grain Rice in Instant Pot

Do I Have To Use Natural Release Of The Pressure When Cooking Rice

No, When Cooking Rice you use the Low-Pressure setting so you do not need to do a natural release.

Pro Tip For Making Instant Pot Rice

One last thing I want to leave you with is adding chicken, beef or even vegetable broth in replace of water can add so much flavor to your rice. Depending on your recipe might depend if you want to use broth in replace of water.

Instant Pot Freezer Rice

Can I freeze Rice?

Yes, you can Freeze Rice. I doubled my batch of rice and froze it all in zip lock baggies for use with other meals. It lasts in the freezer for up to 6 months. Defrost by running under warm water or in the microwave for 3 minutes. 


How to Make Long Grain Rice in the Instant Pot


How to Cook Long Grain Rice in Instant Pot

How to Cook Long Grain Rice in Instant Pot

Yield: 1
Cook Time: 12 minutes
Total Time: 12 minutes

Learn how to make long grain rice in Instant Pot easily. Instant Pot rice is easy to make and a great side dish or add-in to your main dish.


  • 1 Cup Long Grain Rice
  • 1 Cup Water


  1. Pour Rice into the instant pot
  2. Select Low Pressure or Rice Button
  3. Cook for 12 minutes on low pressure
  4. Do a quick release


You can double or even triple this recipe

Nutrition Information:
Yield: 4 Serving Size: 1
Amount Per Serving: Calories: 51Total Fat: 0gSaturated Fat: 0gTrans Fat: 0gUnsaturated Fat: 0gCholesterol: 0mgSodium: 3mgCarbohydrates: 11gFiber: 0gSugar: 0gProtein: 1g

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Sunday 12th of June 2022

Would this recipe work well for Jasmine rice?

Adventures of a Nurse

Sunday 12th of June 2022


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Tuesday 17th of May 2022

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Megan MacAulay

Sunday 23rd of January 2022

First time making rice in the IP. I made 3 cups of long grain. Rinsed my rice first and did 12 mins on rice.

Very happy not to get any burn notice as I have many people have issues cooking rice in the IP. I was pleased with the results but it was a kind of on the edge of sticky/mushy in some spots. Should I reduce the liquid or the cooking time next go round?

Adventures of a Nurse

Sunday 23rd of January 2022

Just make sure you’re using low pressure you can even go to like 10-11 minutes I do less time if I’m using it for fried rice

MB Whitcomb

Wednesday 29th of December 2021

I like to make about 6-8 cups at a time...advice? little "make ahead" and/or "large batch" cooking advice for Instant Pot or Ninja Foodi which I have.

Adventures of a Nurse

Wednesday 29th of December 2021

Should be no problem add a little extra water like one cup


Tuesday 24th of August 2021

Do I keep it equal parts rice/water? For instance, if I want to do 2c rice do I use 2c water?

This is going to be the first thing I try in my new instant pot duo crisp.


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