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10 Frugal Instant Pot Dinners

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One of the great things about having my Instant Pot is saving money on food. You can feed a family of 4 for $5-10.00. How amazing is that? Here is a list of my favorite Frugal Meals.

  1. Hamburger Helper That is right Homemade Hamberger Helper a full meal for around $5.00 much better for you than the boxed meals.
  2. Cheesy Tuna Helper. Creamy & Cheesy the perfect quick meal in 4 minutes all for under $5.00
  3. Cubed Steak and Gravy  For under $10.00  you can make a cubed steak that falls apart with mashed potatoes this is a very easy frugal meal.
  4. Goulash I remember eating this as a child. I made it a lot for my own kids when money was tight. Delicious and very Frugal for under $5.00
  5. FireHot Taco Bowl. Taco night under $10.00 you can make a filling fire hot taco bowl that will feed the whole family.
  6. Cheeseburger Meatloaf and Mashed Potatoes. You can make your full meal right in the Instant pot that will fill everyone’s bellies.
  7. Cornbread and BeefStew 
  8. Chicken and Dumplings Just as good as the classic chicken and dumplings much quicker and under $10.00
  9. Bubble up Meatballs meatballs, biscuits and sauce inexpensive and delicious.
  10. Unstuffed Peppers The quick weeknight unstuffed peppers for under $10.00.

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  1. Several of your recipes are browning hamberger in pot on sauté. You never mention draining the fat out. Do you, thank you?

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