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Benefits of Eating Together as A Family for Dinner & 20 Instant Pot Dinner Ideas

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Eating together as a family is very important for so many reasons! I want to share the benefits of eating together as a family for dinner each night, or as often as you can. It is reported that only 59% of families sit down and have dinner, and that number keeps declining. Eating together as a family is so valuable. 

Let me take a minute and walk you through why you need to take time out of your day to cook up a meal, sit down and everyone eat together. We eat together as a family every single night. Even though my kids are grown my husband and I still make sure to connect at the end of the day, and you should too! 

Eating Together As A Family for Dinner Is So Important 

Stronger Relationship

When you eat together as a family, it helps to connect and build stronger relationships between your kids and yourself. You can sit down and talk about what you did that day, what is coming up, share fun stories, or even play a game. You can use my printable for questions to ask while you’re at dinner to get the kids engaged, no matter how old or young they are! 

Better School Grades

Call it crazy, but sitting down and eating together has a positive outlook on grades in school. Kids who sat down and ate as a family received more A’s and B’s on their report cards in school! Having that solid foundation of family time is highly beneficial to kids of all ages. 


Happier and less stressed is what studies show when you take the time to have dinner as a family. It helps children and teens feel more connected, have time to de-stress with family time and just feel like they fit in, in this world. 

Healthy Kids 

By making wholesome homecooked meals you are more in control of what your child eats. Skip the fast food (or make it for special occasions only) and find meals to make for your family. Cooking doesn’t have to be hard. There are tons of recipes all over the internet to try for all speeds of cooks. 

Explore New Foods 

Take the time and find new recipes to try, and let your kids or teens help in the kitchen. While eating together helps bond you all, you can also teach an important life skill. Make dinner fun and work on exploring new foods, and expand your families tastebuds. 

At the end of the day, sitting down and eating together as a family is vital. The relationship, connection, and just having that time to check in each night is highly important to your growing children. If your schedules are so busy, try to do it a handful of times a week, and then slowly work toward eating together as a family each night if you can. Just don’t lose that connection! 

20 Instant Pot Dinners For The Whole Family

Need help finding what to make for dinner? Check out my Free Meal Planner to help you stay on track for what is for dinner. Below is a nice list of 20 Instant Pot Dinner you can easily whip up, plus check out all the other recipes on my site. From cast iron to Ninja Foodi recipes, and even skillet and oven dinners, I got you covered. 

Instant Pot Dinners

Take the time to try one or more of these recipes today! We love our Instant Pot, it helps save time in the kitchen, so if you are busy you are able to still cook dinner without much effort or time required. 

20 Instant Pot Dinner Ideas

What is your favorite dinner to serve your family?

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