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A Full Month of Easy Instant Pot Freezer Dump Meals

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This is A Full Month of Easy Instant Pot Freezer Dump Meals that Really Work that can make mealtime a breeze for your home. Freezer beef meals, chicken, rice dishes, and more. A perfect way to meal prep for those busy moments in your life, back to school, surgery, new baby, and the list goes on! Freezer Dump Meals are my favorite freezer meals. Simple prep, toss in the freezer, and then grab and heat when you are ready. I have a full printable menu below along with labels to place on each bag, so you know exactly what each freezer meal is. 

30 Quick and Easy Freezer Dump Meals

A Full Month of Easy Instant Pot Freezer Dump Meals That Really Work

I have seen many freezer meals for the instant pot that actually do not work the directions are wrong, not adding liquids, or just cooking for too long. I wanted to bring my fans Freezer Dump Meals that actually work and are delicious. To do this I teamed up with Sparkles to Sprinkles and Bake Me Some Sugar to bring you A full month (30 days) of TRIED AND TRUE Instant Pot Freezer Dump meals. Each one of us prepared 10 meals that were bagged up and frozen then cooked from frozen. Let me tell you we did have fails but we tried again until we could bring you 30 perfect Instant Pot dishes. This list is very accurate for successful Instant Pot Freezer Dump Meals. 

Freezer Meal Tips and Tricks

How Easy Instant Pot Freezer Dump Meals Work

These recipes will allow you to spend a little time in the kitchen, and prep and assemble your dishes. Then store in freezer bags, until you are ready to eat one of the meals. Then grab and get to cooking. Easy, quick, and truly a fantastic way to simplify your weeknight or weekend meals.  

It’s simple you will need to:

  1. Shop

  2. Prep

  3. Assemble

  4. Freeze

  5. Then Dump in Instant Pot or Slow Cooker and Cook When Ready

I will walk you through the Step by Step Process of creating the perfect Freezer Meals.

Instant Pot Freezer Dump Meals

What Size Instant Pot Is Used For These Freezer Meals 

The standard size used for all of these recipes is a 6 quart Instant Pot. All recipes will work in your 8quart as well. If you own a 3 quart you might be able to convert the recipes down by half the size. The only concern would be is if you reduce the liquid too much, it won’t come to pressure. So I can’t say for certain if you half a recipe it will for sure work in a smaller-sized Instant Pot. More Tips and Tricks for Freezer Friendly meals

Do I need to purchase anything special to start doing Easy Instant Pot Freezer Dump Meals?

NO, You do not need to purchase anything extra to make freezer meals. I did use plain gallon size ziplock bags for mine. You can purchase a FoodSaver Vacuum Sealer this will keep your food fresher longer in the freezer but it’s not necessary.  I did purchase a Freezer Baggy Holder, Which made my life so much easier while preparing my meals.

Shopping for my Freezer Dump Meals:

I have made a full shopping list for the first 10 Dump Meals to make your life easier. You can Print This List it and bring it to the store with you.

A Month of Easy Freezer Dump Meals Shopping List

Shopping List

Is It Expensive To Make Freezer Dump Meals

Freezer Dump Meals Reciept

If you are smart about how you make meals, then no! I tend to pair meals that go together. When you have two recipes that use chicken stock you can split that large container of stock in between the two recipes, instead of buying stock for one recipe. When you strategize what recipes you are cooking at the same time you will find it can be a money saver! 

Now if every recipe you make doesn’t have similar ingredients, then yes it can be expensive if you buy a lot of ingredients. I always try to think smarter and really come up with recipes that are affordable, tasty, and simple. 

  • Buy meat when on sale.
  • Use Coupons (cut coupons in Sunday paper or use online printable coupons.
  • Use apps like Checkout51 and Ibotta for cashback on items you purchase.
  • Wait for items to be on sale (grocery stores rotate sales, so keep an eye out for produce and such).
  • Consider buying generic vs name brand items, to cut back spending. Normally there is not much difference in flavor.

Do I need to Prepare any foods ahead of time for my Freezer Meals?

Yes, It will make it much easier for freezing and makes the prep time go by much faster.

Ground beef,

Shredded Beef,

Shredded Chicken,

Plain White Rice

Cilantro Rice

Depending on which freezer meal you decide to make before beginning to fill all bags.

How To Freeze A Full Month of Easy Instant Pot Freezer Dump Meals

Freeze the bags standing up, then once they are fully frozen, place the contents are at the bottom and they will fit in your instant pot. You can also Place each bag in a plastic container that fits in your inner pot to make sure they fit in the instant pot.

If you opt for freezer-friendly containers, that works too! Just make sure they also fit in your instant pot before using,  for any soups and such, you leave room for the dish to expand as it freezes. This whole process will take about 2-3 hours.

A Month of Instant Pot Freezer Meals

Tips for preparing each bag:

  1. Have your already Prepared foods done ahead of time.
  2. Chop all veggies
  3. Use a handy bag stand.
  4. Have your Ipad or Printed Recipes in front of you.
  5. Arrange your Freezer meals so you can prep all Beef recipes, then move onto chicken extra.
  6. Have your printed labels or a permanent marker available to write on each bag.
Instant Pot Freezer Meal Prep work

Printable Labels For Each Recipe

I have printable labels for each recipe that you can print off at home or take to your local paper store. Staples, Office Max, and more will print them for you if you don’t the capability. Then using your printable labels, just stick on the bag so you know exactly what is in each bag!  You can also use a marker on each bag make sure you put the date because each bag meal should last 6 months. 

a full month of instant pot freezer meals labels

Easy Instant Pot Dump Freezer Meal Label

Are All Of These Meals Instant Pot Recipes

Yes! You can make them in your Instant Pot or even slow cooker. These recipes are meant to give you new meals to cook your family, in an easy and convenient way.

Advantages of Instant Pot Easy Freezer Meals:

  • Real Food | These meals are real food! Tasty options that you and your whole family can enjoy. 
  • Vegetables | You will see a lot of our recipes have veggies packed into them. A great way to sneak in vegetables into your child’s diet or even yourself in a tasty way.
  • Variety | If you get stuck in a dinner rut, these easy freezer meals will also bring you variety in your menu. It will feel like a treat to whip up something different than a classic dish of spaghetti.
  • Quick &  Easy| Instant Pot Freezer Dump Meals are so easy and quick to put together. The best part they are delicious.
  • Time Savings| Each Night you will have lots of time to spend with the kids while the magic Instant Pot does all the work. You simply throw your meal in from frozen and wait for it to be done.

A Full Month of Easy Instant Pot Freezer Dump Meals Made For Success 

Like I said above, each recipe is tried and true. We took the time to test all of these recipes in the freezer to ensure they would freeze and cook up properly. We want you all to have incredible dinners for your loved ones. 

You will find clear instructions, printable labels for marking your bags, and I have shared my shopping list. Plus each recipe will also have questions and answers to help you get the perfect recipe the first time you make it!

A Month of Freezer Dump Meals that Really Work

A Full Month of Easy Instant Pot Freezer Dump Meals

Adventures of a Nurse Freezer Meals

The First 10 recipes you have the shopping list for above and full instructions

Sparkles to Sprinkles Freezer Meals

Sparkles To Sprinkles Freezer Meals

See her Freezer Meal Post and shopping list Here

Bake me Some Sugar Freezer Meals 

The Last 10 Recipes are from Bake Me Some Sugar t You can see her full Freezer Meal instructions here.


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Friday 3rd of September 2021

Not all the ingredients are listed in the shipping list. At least 7 ingredients are absent and not enough chicken was listed. A bit frustrating when you get home from shopping and have to head back to the store.


Tuesday 13th of July 2021

I tried to use this shopping list and the recipes to make this month of easy meals and it's a little frustrating since the amount of meats don't add up to what's in the 10 recipes. There are 2 lbs of chicken missing on the shopping list and the beef chuck steak calls for only 2lbs but it doesn't add up either. I would suggest looking through the recipes and writing down all the ingredients and making your own shopping list unfortunately. I am in the midst of making these and have had to run to the store twice to grab more things already.


Thursday 27th of May 2021

Just started to make the first 10 meals and realized the ingredients weren't all included in the grocery list. It makes me sad because it already cost me $100. I now need to see what I have in the pantry to complete the meals. I ended up splitting some of the meals into 2 separate bags too.


Wednesday 12th of May 2021

I’m just wondering if i am missing something as i bought everything on the shopping list for the first 10 meals but I’m definitley short on things that weren’t in the shopping list... i didn’t have enough rotel tomatoes, or ranch dressing pack, no fajita seasoning pack, or 28oz of chopped tomatoes... and wondering what to use the chuck steak for lol Was i supposed to get a roast instead of chuck steak? Excited to try all these but disappointed that i’m ready to put these all together and don’t have everything like i thought i would 😭


Wednesday 27th of January 2021

I love having these meals and lists already curated! So helpful! I did notice there were a couple of recipes that a few things didn't make the grocery list, so I've got to run back to the store (buffalo wing sauce for the sliders, and the blue cheese dressing, and then also the heavy cream for the Pot Pie...I've only gotten started on the first 10, haven't looked at the other lists that closely yet). And I'm a little bit unsure how I'm going to use the steaks that were on the grocery lists for a few of the beef recipes, but some of that may be my pregnancy brain!

Either way, I've got several of these first 10 recipes in my freezer, and pulled one out to fix last night and it was a hit with my hubby and 16mo old toddler! Can't wait to make the rest of these, and then go shopping with another one of the grocery lists in hand!